You Are The Next Great Writer


Yes, you are a great writer. No further question. Period.

I have always wondered what it takes to write a good piece of essay that is worth somebody else’s time. While brushing my teeth, a few million neurons firing up in my brain. As a result, I put together whatever that had crossed my mind – how to start writing anything that is humanly possible.

1. You want to write something that is valuable not only to you, but also to your readers.

Keep in mind that those readers that I am referring to is not those who will read your writing only today, tomorrow or next month. In fact, it could be a gazillion years away. Realistically, a few years to come would be the best bet. Otherwise, who would bother reading Shakespeare’s work anyways. That is the point. So, work it out. Start crafting a piece of essay, article, book or tweet or post that has contents that are valuable to you and your readers.

2. Talking back to your self-doubt

Yes, I might not be a good writer. True, nobody will read my essay. Okay, I get the point, I’ll just write it somewhere on a piece of paper and keep it in the cupboard and hope that the aliens would find it out and appreciate it somehow. Note that all those self-talk are not affecting what you have to bring to the table. They are simply distracting you away from what you are about to do – to be Your Version of the next Great Writer. You don’t have to write about the next Hamlet play or the next Romeo and Juliet, but hey, let’s start with you!

3. You don’t have to be an AUTHOR to WRITE

Remember that you are writing not to publish the all-time bestselling book. Do not waste your time thinking how to write. Instead, write what you think you want to write. That also explains how I wrote this article – immediately I brushed my teeth although I was hesitating on whether to do my school assignments or writing this article. Guess what, I told myself, “Hey, I’m writing it now because I’ll do my assignments right after this.” This seems like the typical procrastinating self-talk but again, “talk back to yourself”. Give yourself a sense of direction to begin with. Again, I would like to bring up a metaphor “the elephant analogy” mentioned in Cal Newport’s article. Read about it, let it sink and then that’s it. You are ready to be the next Great Author! Well, if you are interested in writing a book, I recommend you checking out Scott Young’s article here.

Now, are you ready to be the next great writer? Share your comments below!





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